March 2015 "The End of Light" Exhibition at Madelife Gallery, Boulder Colorado. Two photo prints from my Macro-Cymatic Series will be on exhibition.

June 2015 World premiere of new choral composition "Threads Beneath" inspired by mycology for the eminent International Orange Chorale of San Francisco voted Audience Favorite for their Spring Season!

July 2015 Summer Tour w/Terrane & solo MVJ. Had a blast at Debacle Festival (Seattle), Xhurch (Portland), Acme Records (Milkwaukee), and Elastic Arts (Chicago), playing bass and flute in Terrane (w/Dewey Mahood & Chuck Johnson), and performing solo sets of my new material feat. Chuck Johnson on bass. Looking forward to more shows when this new album is in the can, coming soon!

November 2015- Residency at Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts in Wyoming!

December 6 2015 - Performance at LAND & SEA w/Robert Crouch and Yann Novak