foundsoundscape live radio

Along with hundreds of other amazing artists (including creator Janek Schafer, Brian Eno, Pauline Oliveros, Maggi Payne, Christina Kubisch, Charlemagne Palestine, Scanner and many many others!) I contributed some personal field recordings to this project.  I recorded my backyard on April 4, 2015, from 4:30-5:30 am during the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse.  Do you hear it today?  Or maybe it will be part of tomorrow’s foundsoundscape?



live radio collage of foundsound places to underscore your personal spaces


Created and curated by Janek Schaefer / adjust your volume to background sound / leave it on 

The End of Light Exhibition

I am excited to announce that two of my photographs will be on exhibition at Madelife Gallery in Boulder, Colorado, from March 6-29th.  “The End of Light” Exhibit was curated by the photographer Kevin Hoth.  Gallery listing info can be found here.  About the exhibit:

“All is visible and all elusive, all is near and can’t be touched.”
–Octavio Paz

 Light passes into darkness and is consumed by it, then born from it again. Everything comes from the limitless expanse we understand to be “without light.”

Where light dies darkness is born, yet darkness is there for light to reignite and extend its reach into space.

Where does light begin? At the end of darkness? Where emptiness releases? We only know light by knowing darkness. What lives at this edge? Silence, purity, knowledge or its opposite entirely?”

If you’re interested in custom framed prints of these works, but can’t make it to Boulder, drop a line!

Above: Specter Skin

Below: Into Being


Terrane’s ‘Basalt Palisades’ cassette on Sonic Meditations

Terrane is the new duo of Dewey Mahood (Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry and Jackie-o Motherfucker) with Chuck Johnson (of Spatula, Idyll Swords). I had the pleasure of playing flute to the cosmic spacejams of “Radiolarite.”

‘Basalt Palisades’ is released on the micro label curated by Justin Wright of Expo ’70 “Sonic Meditations”, its also available on limited edition cassette.

released 17 February 2015

Dewey Mahood – electric and acoustic guitar, bass, synth, drum machine
Chuck Johnson – electric and acoustic guitar, pedal steel, bass, percussion
Marielle Jakobsons – flute on “Radiolarite”

Macro Cymatic Studies v3.12

Macro-Cymatic Studies goes in a new direction of process – utilizing individual layers of sound as source for different tracks of video. At the bottom of the video please select 1080HD to view HD video!


Latest Macrocymatic Studies

Blue Core Pulse

Blue Core Pulse

Order & Scale

Order of Scale

Macro Cymatic Studies Debut Performance Video


Very excited to share with you an edit of the debut performance of Macro Cymatic Studies!! To me this work represents a deep appreciation for unfolding process and beauty within and around us all the time, with the aspiration to highlight this essence and share it in an interconnected experience. I’m super excited to continue exploring these creations, as its just the beginning. For best quality, please view on a desktop computer and select the highest playback quality in settings. Thanks for watching!

Macro-Cymatic Studies: Dresher Residency & Premiere Performance @ Somarts 8/22/14

IMG_3733         Its hard to describe the feeling that I get from making this new work.   Its like I’ve been making it my whole life, but only now am realizing the true shape or form. This past month I’ve been building, whittling, and testing at the Paul Dresher Artist Residency (  Its been a deep dive into how to craft instruments specifically for their ability to create macro-cymatic visuals – or water waves driven by sound at a macroscopic perspective.    I am so grateful for the opportunity to utilize the resources at a space also so close to home.  To have a full woodworking shop as well as a production environment to work on video/sound has allowed me to hone in on these explorations and unveil many new layers to what I imagine possible. I’ve built several instruments and tonight, is the premiere performance with my favorite one.  This instrument is carved from a piece of cedar, and has a single string mounted on it.  Above you see a still from my rehearsal last night. Other great performers investigating sound, water, and light will be joining me on the bill!  Joshua Churchill & Matt Baldwin, and Moses Hacmon.  Many thanks to Paul Dresher Ensemble, and to Soundwave who commissioned this performance! Details for the premiere are below.  More Macro Cymatics to follow, I’m sure, as I anticipate this to become a new body of work.

Location: SOMArts, 934 Brannan St, San Francisco
7:30pm doors, 8:00pm performance
$15 general admission
$10 students/seniors
and underemployed

Aquaphonic at SOMarts

Multi-sensory performances of water-sonic phenomena by Marielle V. Jakobsons, Joshua Churchill, and Matt Baldwin with Moses Hacmon

Water and sound generate incredible phenomena. Artists reveal the mystifying aquatic properties through visible sound and vibration. Artist and composer Marielle V. Jakobsons presents ‘Macro Cymatic Studies,’ which encourages immersion in water reflections connected to droning soundscapes with water wave projections, slow melodic violin, and psychoacoustic synthesizers which plays with our sense of scale and explores unifying matter through sound. Joshua Churchill investigates moving subsonic properties water through the feeling of sound, vibrating our bodies and exposing the unique and ubiquitous nature of this natural element. Psychedelic guitarist Matt Baldwin collaborates with artist Moses Hacmon to reveal the mind-altering beauty of sound moving through air in an all-sensory experience of live music and vibration to literally move water.

Gravity Spells Series & Performance 7/12










John Davis’ series invites collaboration between Cinematic & New Music artists, as performance series and a limited edition book which I’m part of, as well as a limited edition double LP and DVD with selected participants.  I’m very excited to be presenting a live score in surround sound to Mark Wilson’s animated film “Ghost Dance.”  Also performing that evening: the home-brewed psychedelia of Andy Puls, Keith Evans (of 23five collective), and the organizer himself John Davis in collaboration with animator Lawrence Jordan.

Tickets are sliding scale and start at 7pm at Kala Arts in Berkeley.

Other evenings lineups include many great friends and artists!!

July 5, 7-9pm:
Jeremy Rourke
Mary Helena Clark with Andy Roche
Jim Haynes
Kerry Laitala with Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken

July 19, 7-9pm
Zach Iannazzi
Thad Povey & Mark Taylor
Steve Dye with Anthony Iamurri
Paul Clipson wth Tashi Wada

July 26, 7-9pm
Chris Duncan
Tooth with Collin McKelvey
Craig Baldwin with Maggi Payne


For more info see
Kala Arts Website:
Facebook Event:
Book & Edition:


Macro-Cymatic Studies

A study for some new work combining macro photography and composing for cymatic fluid movements. This is part of a larger body of work I’m envisioning, including installations and performances. Stay tuned!


New Date Palms Track “Sky Trails” and Tour CD

Listen and download our new track “Sky Trails”, recorded at the Dusted Sessions but previously unreleased.  In addition to the main band members, the piece features Michael Cormier on pedal steel.

The tour CD has arrived!  It contains Sky Trails and other unreleased and demo songs, from the living room to studio outtakes.  Its a pretty sweet document of evolution of lots of material and ideas over the course of the album! If you’d like a copy, please hit me up and I’d be happy to send you one when I return from tour on the 25th of September.

Date Palms Dusted Sessions Videos by Andy Puls

Date Palms – Dusted Down from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Date Palms – Yuba Reprise from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

By Andy Puls with his magic analog video boxes!!

Yuba Reprise from ‘The Dusted Sessions’

First track leaked from “The Dusted Sessions”, due out on Thrill Jockey June 11, 2013. Also happens to be my favorite track from the album!  This one always transports me.  Hope you enjoy!

Album is avail for pre-order here



Dusted Down Live Video

Watch us become “an oscillating rainbow prism or a kaleidoscopic drone symbiote” (according to TinyMixTapes)
Here’s a new Date Palms track, recorded live with mind-melting video processing by Andy Puls, from our upcoming Thrill Jockey Records album “The Dusted Sessions”

Date Palms – Dusted Down from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Revelation Zen 8/25

photo by Shundo David Hayne


As part of the Soundwave Festival, I am very excited to be performing a special set utilizing the large meditation you see in Buddha Hall in the photo above.  Before I perform there will be guided meditation.  Following me is En (Maxwell Croy from Root Strata & James Devane) and Sean McCann, so it should be a sublime evening!  Curated by Danny Paul Grody.

Schedule below, more info here
Due to limited seating, advance tickets are recommended and can be found here

5:30 Doors open

6:00 & 6:30 Meditation in Buddha Hall led by Lien Shutt

6:15 & 6:45 Tours of the SF Zen Center led by Tova Green

7:00 Marielle V. Jakobsons Buddha Hall Performance
with Seated meditation led by David Zimmerman

7:40 Sean McCann Garden Courtyard Performance
with Kinhin instruction led by Gretchen Rau

8:25 En Dining Room Performance
with Well-being chant led by Shundo David Haye

Glass Canyon

I am very excited to announce the release of my second solo album, ‘Glass Canyon‘.  Its been two years in the making since my first solo record (‘Ore‘ under the moniker Darwinsbitch) and it was quite a journey unfolding this work.

Its available on vinyl, CD, and digital by Students of Decay and available through Experimedia distribution. Mastered by the amazing Antimatter (Christopher Davidson), and layout design by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Special thanks to Thomas Day for lending me his modular, and Gregg Kowalsky for the cover image and support to make this happen.
















You can listen to previews in two locations– the first one has a sort of collage-type preview of each of the tracks, the second one has a few selected songs in full:



w/Evan Caminiti & KWJAZ @ Liminal Space

Super excited to be sharing the celebrations of Evan’s new release & to hear KWJAZ live for the first time.

p.s. i’ll have CD’s of Glass Canyon available at the show!!  LP’s will be coming later in June, be in touch if you’d like me to save you a copy.

Echo is memory, slowly fading. Slight gradations cull the annals lining time distorted mind’s eye. To hear this ring out is to experience the folding of past onto present. With agile hands, these artists crease, bend and transform perception, sifting ephemera through ever-shifting and evolving relationships.

On this date, we embark towards engulfment in celebration of the release of Evan Caminiti’s Night Dust on Immune Recordings, as well as Marielle Jakobsons’ Glass Canyon on Students of Decay. Traversing the indefinable divide is another local hero of the obscured: KWJAZ.

Evan Caminiti


Marielle Jakobsons

LIMINAL SPACE | 950 54th St. Oakland 94608
Saturday May 26th | 8:30 doors, 9pm start
Contribution: $7 – $10

LX(RMX) / Lisbon Remixed


A project speared by Disquiet, I contributed two tracks in honor of Fernando Pessoa.  I used exclusively source material from a single field recording of Lisbon which was given to all of the artists.

Also participating is in the series is Steve Roden (aka In be tween noise), Pedro Tudela (aka Johnny Days), Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), Kate Carr (aka The Frigatebird), Shawn Kelly (aka Y?Arcka), Marielle V. Jakobsons (aka darwinsbitch), Paula Daunt (aka Agnosie), and João Ricardo (aka OCP), all working from a shared set of sounds collected and constructed by Elvis Veiguinha. Veiguinha’s field recordings originally served as the score for an installation of photos of modern urban Lisbon by Jorge Colombo.


Espvall Jakobsons Szelag album

Due out on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2012) on ArachniDiscs, this is a super-limited 100 run CD of our electric string trio’s improvisations.   Multi-layed handmade transparent outer-sleeve, lino-block printed envelope handmade artwork!

More info & purchase the CD here

Listen to the piece “Fissure”, based on a graphic score I made for us:
Espvall Jakobsons Szelag – Fissure by Arachnidiscs Recordings

Portraits LP on Important Records

Coming January 24th to Important Records, the first official document of this mindmelting group drone project just in time for your winter meditations….

Recorded in Oakland California in 2010 with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Evan Caminiti & Jon Porras (Barn Owl), Lisa McGee (Higuma, Vestals), Gregg Kowalsky & Marielle Jakobsons (Date Palms, Myrmyr), Maxwell August Croy (En) Steven Dye & Tony Cross (Tarentel alum) and Michael Elrod (Date Palms, Barn Owl & The Alps). Three tracks of long form in the zone drone. Edition of 500 with lovely screen printed jackets.  Recorded & mixed by the Normal Conquest who also worked on the recent Barn Owl/Infinite Strings Ensemble.


Listen to samples!
Portraits – D (Edit) by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Portraits – Sa by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Date Palms Live @ SF Zen Center Video


Date Palms from auraloptic on Vimeo.

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2011

Saturday Sept 10, 8PM
Yoshi Wada and Tashi Wada, 0th,  Area C, Max Mathews Tribute (with me & Diane Douglas)
Brava! Theater Center (2781 24th Street, SF)


























I’m performing on violin a tribute to Max Mathews with Diane Douglas on computer, Theme and Variations on Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 4 for Violin and Phaser Filters (2011).  Max and I played together in a string quartet, and this was one of the many pieces they rehearsed together.  Max and I also worked together over the last several years as he developed his Phaser Filters program, which is a live performance software based on tuned resonances capable of incredible transformation and beauty.  This piece is a tribute to these two aspects of our work together.

Max Mathews’ Phaser Filters create tuned resonances within any sound played through them, the same way that a particular room will amplify certain frequencies based on its shape. Max would play these filters melodically to simulate a constantly shifting resonant space, transforming the original sound into something entirely new.  He was especially fascinated by the subtlety of harmonic and emotional tones forged, for example, by changing his filter’s tuning to quarter tone, or complex chords like Risset’s Major-minor hybrid.

Diane Douglas also worked closely with Max, as he guided her to create her own version of his Phaser Filter Program in the Max/MSP environment.  Input audio from a live instrument or from looped samples is passed through 5 banks of 4 of these filters which form 5 ‘chords’. This provides a new harmonic backbone for any sound they interact with.  There is also a degree of randomness which can make them sound alive – as Diane can control the diatonic mode or the tempo for example, but other improvised aspects will make sure that they never sound the same twice.

Together, Diane and I will perform a piece based on some of Max’s favorite sounds- the violin and Beethoven-  transformed by the sound world of Phaser Filters.

The festival lineup is killer this year, check it out:

Thursday, September 8th 8PM @ SFMOMA
Live and fixed sound and video works by Les Stuck & Sonsheree Giles, Sarah Howe, Tim Perkis/Tom Djll, Alba G. Corral/Kadet Kuhne, plus Milton Babbitt’s “Philomel” performed by Dina Emerson

Friday, September 9th 9PM @ Brava Theater Center
Christian Marclay featuring Shelley Hirsch, Jessica Rylan, Zachary James Watkins

Saturday, September 10th 8PM @ Brava Theater Center
Yoshi Wada + Tashi Wada, 0th, Area C, Max Mathews tribute

Sunday, September 11th 8PM @ Brava Theater Center
Kevin Drumm, JD Emmanuel, Gregg Kowalsky

Tickets & Passes: $16 General; $12 Student/Senior.
Full festival pass: $45
Purchases online at Brown Paper Tickets
or at the door (cash only)

Brava! Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
Phyllis Wattis Theater at SFMOMA, 151 3rd St, San Francisco


Max Mathews died yesterday, 02.21.2011.  His enthusiasm and bright star energy will inspire me through the rest of my life.  The world misses you already, Max.  You reminded me that technology & technique are merely expressive vesicles.  Your supportiveness reminded me that I make music to move people.

Picture: Max + Marj with my installation String TV (2009): he was so enthralled by my strange creation.

Here is a recording of us in 2008, performing a Jon Appleton piece called Precita Eyes, he on Radio Baton, me on violin as a duo.

Precita Eyes

Here is Schubert’s quintet, a particularly memorable performance in Max and Marj’s parlor.  Ok not exactly how we sounded, but equally as passionately performed!


Lastly, the final recording we made together in February 2011. It was to be just a test recording, a little snippet of violin improvisation he could try out a few different settings of his Phaser Filter program, we would always record more…. He was so happy with how his Phaser Filter program was finally sounding and behaving- he said it was finally getting musical. I agree, over the 3 years he’d been working on it, refining it into a performable program that could transform a piece of music into something completely new and captivating.

He couldn’t decide which of the four chord set of filters was more beautiful, so he sent me all 4. He tuned his filters to: the minor 1/3′s chord, the risset major-minor chord, the harmonic chord, and the risset major-minor 1/4tone chord.
Here they are.

Date Palms: New Site & Announcements

Lots of exciting stuff for us this week….

New website :::

New release announcement ::: Early 2011 12″ record on Mexican Summer!!

New show announcement ::: Feb 20th @ Great American Music Hall w/Godspeed You! Black Emperor

ARP “Raga for Moog & Violin” live video

Arp at BAM/PFA – Films by Paul Clipson from Michael Elrod on Vimeo.

with myself on violin & Jefre Cantu Ledesma on guitar/FX