foundsoundscape live radio

Along with hundreds of other amazing artists (including creator Janek Schafer, Brian Eno, Pauline Oliveros, Maggi Payne, Christina Kubisch, Charlemagne Palestine, Scanner and many many others!) I contributed some personal field recordings to this project.  I recorded my backyard on April 4, 2015, from 4:30-5:30 am during the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse.  Do you hear it today?  Or maybe it will be part of tomorrow’s foundsoundscape?



live radio collage of foundsound places to underscore your personal spaces


Created and curated by Janek Schaefer / adjust your volume to background sound / leave it on 

Macro Cymatic Studies Debut Performance Video


Very excited to share with you an edit of the debut performance of Macro Cymatic Studies!! To me this work represents a deep appreciation for unfolding process and beauty within and around us all the time, with the aspiration to highlight this essence and share it in an interconnected experience. I’m super excited to continue exploring these creations, as its just the beginning. For best quality, please view on a desktop computer and select the highest playback quality in settings. Thanks for watching!

Gravity Spells Series & Performance 7/12










John Davis’ series invites collaboration between Cinematic & New Music artists, as performance series and a limited edition book which I’m part of, as well as a limited edition double LP and DVD with selected participants.  I’m very excited to be presenting a live score in surround sound to Mark Wilson’s animated film “Ghost Dance.”  Also performing that evening: the home-brewed psychedelia of Andy Puls, Keith Evans (of 23five collective), and the organizer himself John Davis in collaboration with animator Lawrence Jordan.

Tickets are sliding scale and start at 7pm at Kala Arts in Berkeley.

Other evenings lineups include many great friends and artists!!

July 5, 7-9pm:
Jeremy Rourke
Mary Helena Clark with Andy Roche
Jim Haynes
Kerry Laitala with Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken

July 19, 7-9pm
Zach Iannazzi
Thad Povey & Mark Taylor
Steve Dye with Anthony Iamurri
Paul Clipson wth Tashi Wada

July 26, 7-9pm
Chris Duncan
Tooth with Collin McKelvey
Craig Baldwin with Maggi Payne


For more info see
Kala Arts Website:
Facebook Event:
Book & Edition:


Macro-Cymatic Studies

A study for some new work combining macro photography and composing for cymatic fluid movements. This is part of a larger body of work I’m envisioning, including installations and performances. Stay tuned!


New Date Palms Track “Sky Trails” and Tour CD

Listen and download our new track “Sky Trails”, recorded at the Dusted Sessions but previously unreleased.  In addition to the main band members, the piece features Michael Cormier on pedal steel.

The tour CD has arrived!  It contains Sky Trails and other unreleased and demo songs, from the living room to studio outtakes.  Its a pretty sweet document of evolution of lots of material and ideas over the course of the album! If you’d like a copy, please hit me up and I’d be happy to send you one when I return from tour on the 25th of September.

Yuba Reprise from ‘The Dusted Sessions’

First track leaked from “The Dusted Sessions”, due out on Thrill Jockey June 11, 2013. Also happens to be my favorite track from the album!  This one always transports me.  Hope you enjoy!

Album is avail for pre-order here



LX(RMX) / Lisbon Remixed


A project speared by Disquiet, I contributed two tracks in honor of Fernando Pessoa.  I used exclusively source material from a single field recording of Lisbon which was given to all of the artists.

Also participating is in the series is Steve Roden (aka In be tween noise), Pedro Tudela (aka Johnny Days), Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner), Kate Carr (aka The Frigatebird), Shawn Kelly (aka Y?Arcka), Marielle V. Jakobsons (aka darwinsbitch), Paula Daunt (aka Agnosie), and João Ricardo (aka OCP), all working from a shared set of sounds collected and constructed by Elvis Veiguinha. Veiguinha’s field recordings originally served as the score for an installation of photos of modern urban Lisbon by Jorge Colombo.


Espvall Jakobsons Szelag album

Due out on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2012) on ArachniDiscs, this is a super-limited 100 run CD of our electric string trio’s improvisations.   Multi-layed handmade transparent outer-sleeve, lino-block printed envelope handmade artwork!

More info & purchase the CD here

Listen to the piece “Fissure”, based on a graphic score I made for us:
Espvall Jakobsons Szelag – Fissure by Arachnidiscs Recordings