Selected Works

Video Still (2014)

Macro Cymatic Studies (2014-present)

Immersive audio-visual performance environment (ongoing)
Debut performance commissioned by Soundwave Biennial @ SOMarts, August 2014. Developed at the Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency.

Wooden instruments create fluid motion via sound vibration on a layer of liquid (i.e. Cymatics) at the macro photographic scale. In performance, the audience is enveloped by transcendent music tied to live visual water wave projections sourced directly from the instrument body.  The visual vibrations seen are exactly the audio vibrations heard, directly transduced through wood and water.

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String TV (2009)

“String TV” (2009)

Interactive audio-visual installation,
Shown at the LAB’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition July 31-August 29, 2009

A long string “self-oscillates” or has no visible performer, constantly sounding and evolving. The oscillations of a long string are visually manifested on a TV monitor as waves perpetually modulating. The monitor is hanging from above, shining down on the string.

Wood, steel, magnets, CRT TV, Mac Mini, custom electronics

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Two Violins and a Theatre
Two Violins and a Theatre (2006)

Two Violins and a Theatre: a Triptych of Resonances (2006)

The set is dark of a black box theater, except for two violins on white pedestals placed symmetrically about the center of the stage with spotlights on them, and a screen illuminated by reflections of water waves.

One of these violins is “self-oscillating” or has no visible performer. A violinist, dressed in white and lying down on the pedestal, performs the other violin.

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Self Oscillating Violin (2005)

The Self-Oscillating Violin (2005)

A second-hand violin is transformed into a self-oscillating system by the use of electromagnetism and a computer. Motion detectors excite long tones of oscillation. The audio vibrations of each string are transduced into surface waves of a thin layer of water on a concave mirror. The shadows of waves reflect onto the ceiling by a suspended blue flashlight.





Vibrational Matrix Series (2004-5)

Vibrational Matrix Series (2004-5)

A series of performance/installations utilizing vibrations in water, speakers, live Max/MSP/Jitter processing or microelectronics, feedback.

Vibrational Matrix 3.1, performed 10/2005 at Mills College, Oakland; Live video mixing, Luis M. Maurette