String TV (2009)

“String TV” (2009)

Interactive audio-visual installation,
Shown at the LAB’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition July 31-August 29, 2009

Instrument carpentry by Max Allstadt

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Two Violins and a Theatre

Two Violins and a Theatre (2006)

Two Violins and a Theatre: a Triptych of Resonances (2006)

The set is dark of a black box theater, except for two violins on white pedestals placed symmetrically about the center of the stage with spotlights on them, and a screen illuminated by reflections of water surfaces.

One of these violins is “self-oscillating” or has no visible performer. A violinist, dressed in white and lying down on the pedestal, performs the other violin. The layout of the set creates an opposition between “self-oscillating violin” object and the human violinist-performer.



Two Violins and a Theatre


Self Oscillating Violin (2005)

The Self-Oscillating Violin (2005)

A second-hand violin is transformed into a self-oscillating system by the use of electromagnetism and a computer. Motion detectors excite long tones of oscillation. The audio vibrations of each string are transduced into surface waves of a thin layer of water on a concave mirror. The shadows of waves reflect onto the ceiling by a suspended blue flashlight.





Vibrational Matrix Series (2004-5)

Vibrational Matrix Series (2004-5)

A series of performance/installations utilizing vibrations in water, speakers, live Max/MSP/Jitter processing or microelectronics, feedback.

Vibrational Matrix 3.1, performed 10/2005 at Mills College, Oakland; Live video mixing, Luis M. Maurette

Vibrational Matrix 3.1