Date Palms ‘The Dusted Sessions’ LP/CD/digital on Thrill Jockey

Marielle V Jakobsons ‘Glass Canyon’ LP/CD/digital on Students of Decay

Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag CD ‘Improvisations for Strings & Electronics’ on ArachniDiscs

Portraits s/t LP on Important Records
Portraits is: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Jon Porras, Evan Caminiti, Gregg Kowalsky, Tony Cross, Lisa McGee, Steve Dye, Michael Elrod, Maxwell Croy, and Marielle Jakobsons

Date Palms ‘Honey Devash’ LP on Mexican Summer [sold out]

Myrmyr ‘Fire Star’ LP/CD on Under the Spire Recordings

Date Palms ‘Of Psalms’ LP on Root Strata (distributed by Thrill Jockey) [sold out]

Myrmyr ‘Improvisation at the Meridian Gallery’ in Leonardo Music Journal December 2010, Vol. 20.  LM20 CD Companion: Sounds Like Now: Improvisation + Technology

darwinsbitch ‘ore’ CD on Digitalis [sold out]

myrmyr The Amber Sea’ CD on Digitalis [sold out]
we still have a few copies, contact info@myrmyr.net

darwinsbitch ‘steel hum’ cassette on Digitalis Ltd [sold out]

‘Sounding Out’ California Composers Award Compilation NEXMAP

darwinsbitch ‘Induction’ Aphonia Recordings EP [sold out]


Other Selected Recordings I perform on:
Barn Owl Ancestral Star on Thrill Jockey

Evon The Bees Are Coming on Aphonia Recordings

Gregg Kowalsky Tape Chants Kranky & Tendrils In Vigne Root Strata